Web monitoring check over HTTP/HTTPS

 The goal of a Web monitoring check is to make sure your website is performing optimally for users and to guarantee website reliability and performance. Our monitoring service provides ongoing monitoring of website or server functionality and tracks its response. Businesses that depend on a website or application can lose customers or face frustration if it becomes unreliable or unavailable.

The Web monitoring check is a feature offered by Downly that allows you to monitor your website's performance and availability by sending HTTP(S) requests to a specified IP address. You can customize the hostname, port, and path for each check.

How does Web check Monitoring work?

For HTTP checks, if the request times out or the response code is not 200, the check is considered DOWN. The same goes for HTTPS checks. You also have the option to specify a custom string in the response for both HTTP and HTTPS checks, and if the response text doesn't match the defined string or the request times out or the response code is not 200, the check is considered DOWN.


The Debugging option in each Monitoring check allows you to find the source of the problem through Traceroute information. Traceroute is a tool used to trace the path between two connections. With the Debugging option, you can follow the path of the connection as it passes through multiple routers, and see exactly where the problem lies. This option can be accessed in the Monitoring check settings page, located on the right side of the "Uptime Changes" section.

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