Master DNS Zone

What is Master (Primary DNS) Zone?

The Master Zone, also referred to as the Primary Zone in a DNS server, serves as the authoritative copy of the DNS database. When changes are made to the database, such as adding a new DNS record, they are made to the Master Zone on the DNS server. Management of the records in the Master Zone can only be performed through our interface.

How to add Master Zone in Downly?

To create a Master Zone, follow these steps:

Log in to your account
Click on the "DNS zones [Add new]" link
Select the "Master zone" option
Enter the domain name (excluding www and http://)
Click the "Create" button
Choose the servers you want to add to your domain registrar or leave them all selected
You'll be directed to the Records page for your domain's DNS zone, where you can add the necessary records.

When creating a Master DNS zone with ClouDNS, you have three options to choose from:

Create with NS records (default) - This option automatically creates the Master DNS zone with NS records for all available name servers, making it the simplest way to set up a Master DNS zone.

Copy records from another zone - If you want to duplicate all the records of another DNS zone into your new one, select this option.

Create without records - Selecting this option will create an empty DNS zone without any NS records. You will need to manually add them later.

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